Go-Go or no-no?

I learned yesterday that inflight Wi-Fi provider Go-Go is charging up to $26.95 for a full-flight fee. “Is this too much?” a friend of mine wondered into the Twitterverse. My first reaction was, “Yes!” But the question caused me to think about my own inflight Wi-Fi use and how it’s changed over the few years since Go-Go first became available. I was an early adopter, but my use has waned. Is $26.95 too much? For me, the price is irrelevant because I am reimbursed by my company. Yet, I increasingly choose not to use inflight Wi-Fi.

When Go-Go was first introduced, I’ll admit that I logged on occasionally when I didn’t even need to. It was a “Why not?” universe. I found all sorts of cool activities that became even cooler at 30,000 feet.  I used an app that labeled the landmarks you were flying over. What a thrill! I tweeted. 140 characters were never more fun! Even work was made more pleasurable with the novelty of emailing from the sky.

In those early days of Go-Go, there were plenty of promotions to attract new customers, and I’ll admit that the months when Alaska Airlines offered free Wi-Fi, I took full advantage. Every flight.

But I notice that my interest gradually softened. The honeymoon ended. The initial thrill of connection disappeared, replaced with, “I would really love to relax.” I notice that while I publicly disparage United for being mostly Wi-Fi free, secretly I am a little relieved to be on their flights—“Not my fault: I have no choice but be disconnected.” (And it’s particularly satisfying because I get to blame United.)

On my last trip, several free Go-Go passes—swag from a recent conference–were tucked in my laptop bag. I thought for a moment about using one, then decided against. Even free wasn’t enough to get me motivated to go online. I reached instead for a book and enjoyed the flight. At one point I took a break from reading and stared out the window at all we passed over. I was in awe to see Crater Lake come into view, which would be my vacation destination in a few weeks. Go-Go inflight to catch up on email? $26.95. Crater Lake from 30,000 feet? Priceless.


  1. When I visited Crater Lake, I wish I had brought a hammock frame and a book….

    • With two energetic kids along, I no doubt will be wishing for those items too. It will only be slightly more relaxing than a Megado vacation. 🙂

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