How to Travel Like a Caveman

5459938298_1d7141f127_zCavemen can become nervous on airplanes or at a power lunch—the Mediterranean snack box and pumpkin ravioli in cream sauce simply will not do.

In case you’re living under (or behind) a rock, the caveman diet (aka paleo) means eating as our Paleolithic ancestors did—primarily protein and non-starchy vegetables and fruits, and it’s a huge lifestyle trend. But a paleo diet can be a challenging proposition when traveling, as can be any gluten-free regime.

When I developed a gluten intolerance several years ago, it took me several months to grieve for the lost bread and pasta, but eventually I happily embraced a new way of eating that actually made me feel better (on so many levels). Gradually my eating evolved—or, since it’s reversed evolution, would the correct term be devolved?—to eating mostly paleo, like a caveman.

Over time, I learned how to order from just about any menu and how to navigate the occasional etiquette dilemmas. But travel still unnerved me—not just because of the unfamiliar food situations I’d find myself in, but also because the last place I want to feel sick is on a plane or in a hotel room.

So, when I signed on for a long business trip to India, I was apprehensive. Many of the foods would be unfamiliar, we would be dining at least once at a prominent executive’s home, and I feared the gluten intolerance would not be understood by restaurant staff.

As it turned out, this was not a problem. I did some planning (asked an Indian friend for advice on safe foods I’d commonly find served) and came up for a strategy for navigating the home meal. As it turned out, a number of dinners were chef-prepared and -presented in a private dining room. These chefs always made sure I was accommodated gracefully (and deliciously).

This week I wrote on about strategies for sticking to paleo and gluten-free diets when traveling. You’ll find the post here.

If you eat paleo or gluten-free, what are your tricks for staying healthy on the road?

Photo: Flickr/Tavallai

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