Love/Hate That!

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was voted #1 in the “favorite airports” category in’s 2014 survey of more than 6,000 frequent travelers. The thing is, ATL was also voted #1 in the “least favorite airports” category.

Who knows what was really behind this result, but it reminded of something I feel often when it comes to travel: a distinct sentiment called love/hate. I love to meet new people, but hate to be away from my family. I love the stimulation of travel, but hate the fatigue. I love to get away from the office, but hate having to manage from afar.

What do you love/hate about travel?


  1. This best/worst result speaks to the difficulty of travel rankings. Each respondent is limited by their experiences and things like ‘best’ are so subjective. When magazines like CN Traveller do hotel rankings it often seems like the hotel everyone has heard of wins, because there is little other way to garner votes in numbers.

    • Nancy Branka says:

      So true. Plus, for airports, the transit passenger has a very different experience than the local or destination passenger…not better or worse necessarily (depending on the airport and/or airline), just different.

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