Southwest Airlines puts civility back into boarding

In the last month, I have had occasion to fly Southwest eight times, unusual because I have always disliked WN and do everything in my power to avoid it. My distaste, I recently realized, has been based primarily on open seating. Everyone has their … [Continue reading]

Reading: Week of September 2, 2013

Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, by Phil Jackson I was strangely drawn to this book, despite having minimal interest in the game of basketball. But Phil Jackson's quirky approach to weaving his personal Eastern sensibilities and meditation … [Continue reading]

Laptop parade

This week I spent some time on an oddly positioned treadmill in a hotel fitness center. Strangely, the room was just off the lobby and the treadmill faced out to the front desk. So I spent my workout watching the comings and goings in the lobby. … [Continue reading]

Reading: Week of August 12, 2013

Fall of the Giants, by Ken Follett A friend of mine who is a Boeing marketing executive recommended this book to me. At 1,000 pages in hardback, it's a brick (and a half). My friend, who travels more than anyone I know as he visits Boeing's … [Continue reading]

Should Hotel Personnel Be Fully “Present”?

In the last month I have stayed in a wide range of hotels--including a five-star resort, a four-star business hotel, a three-star big box new brand, and another that could only be described as a flashback to the '80s (maybe no stars?). In each case I … [Continue reading]