Pack Like a Pro–or Be Packed by a Pro

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If you travel a lot, packing gets routine. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s still not fun—just elevated slightly from pain to annoyance. What if you could leave packing to a professional, a virtual valet? A new company called Dufl … [Continue reading]

Fun with Virgin


How important is fun to your hotel stay? Yesterday I attended the much-anticipated opening of the first Virgin Hotel, in Chicago, and the operative word for both the event and the property is fun. As you would expect from any Virgin brand, cheekiness … [Continue reading]

Tipping 2.0: What to Do When a Tip Is Tricky

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Have you ever had tipping shame? I define this as a situation in which you had good intentions but because of a lack of knowledge or resources you did not leave an appropriate tip—and regret it? I have. Check out my recent post on … [Continue reading]

The Trip to Nowhere


There are many good reasons to get on a plane or pack up the car. But travel writer Pico Iyer makes an ironic case for not. His The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere, is a tiny book I read in one sitting this weekend, and it gave me … [Continue reading]

Travel Tip: Build a Time-Pocket Habit


On each flight, a business traveler jots an entry into his journal while he waits for the plane to finish boarding. A mother gets her two kids ready for day care 10 minutes before they need to get in the car each morning, so all three can play … [Continue reading]