Seat 12C 1/2

This week I attended the Global Business Travel Association convention in San Diego, and one novel topic intrigued me: the opportunity to sell half-seats on planes. I had never heard this argument, so let me explain. The topic was presented in … [Continue reading]

When a Cell Phone Rings…in the Cockpit

The debate continues about whether inflight use of electronics--specifically cell phones--poses a safety risk. As the FCC and the FAA ponder this issue, the flying public seems doubtful about the risk but fearful that allowing cell phones inflight … [Continue reading]

Third time’s a charm

Gary Leff, knower of all things frequent flyer, swears that his most important tip is this: Hang Up, Call Back (HUCB). When a customer service agent doesn't give you the answer you want--or even the answer you know to be true--politely say goodbye, … [Continue reading]

A map label, politics and a pickle

"Can we change Arabian Sea to Persian Gulf?" the copyeditor asked. A simple question, right? Not so simple, it turns out. The body of water was labeled on an illustrated map of the UAE within a story on Abu Dhabi I was editing. I did a little … [Continue reading]

PreCheck’s expansion: Good or bad?

The TSA announced last week that it plans to expand its successful PreCheck program so that travelers can apply for an airline-agnostic "membership" that will cost $85 for five years. The agency can be applauded for taking a program that has been … [Continue reading]