Getting paid to park at SFO

Airport parking can really eat up a budget, especially when it's for vacation and not reimbursed. So I was curious to try out FlightCar for a recent trip, a new enterprise at SFO (also BOS). The concept is simple: Leave your car in their parking … [Continue reading]

Reading: Week of July 22, 2013

City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism, by Jim Krane At Executive Travel, we're working on a special issue on the United Arab Emirates. I have read and referenced this book as I work out the details of the articles I'm editing. It's a … [Continue reading]

Go-Go or no-no?

I learned yesterday that inflight Wi-Fi provider Go-Go is charging up to $26.95 for a full-flight fee. “Is this too much?” a friend of mine wondered into the Twitterverse. My first reaction was, "Yes!" But the question caused me to think about my own … [Continue reading]