Conflict Resolution: What I Did Not Find


I’m taking a short time-out from business travel today to write about two books I read recently and found particularly insightful, with much overlap. Both promise to help with conflict resolution and problem-solving. Sign me up. I dislike … [Continue reading]

How to Travel Like a Caveman


Cavemen can become nervous on airplanes or at a power lunch—the Mediterranean snack box and pumpkin ravioli in cream sauce simply will not do. In case you’re living under (or behind) a rock, the caveman diet (aka paleo) means eating as our … [Continue reading]

Dining Alone: Getting Past the Discomfort


Here's a picture I never thought I'd see: me, alone, at a nice restaurant, happy. By this I mean really alone. Without a book or device. Dining alone is almost a sport for me because of the challenge it presents. As a major introvert, I can assure … [Continue reading]

Your New Best Friend on the Road: Bizly

8757730097_c80fe03db4_z (1)

Have you ever been in another city and needed to meet up with a colleague...but where? Location is key--it has to be close to your next meeting. And you need something with a little more class and panache than Starbucks, a place where you can find a … [Continue reading]

The Covert Stress of Reentry


One of the biggest pain points for frequent travelers doesn’t even happen on the road, but at home. It’s that window between when your body walks in the door after a trip, and when your mind and heart settle in. You made it home—that’s the good news. … [Continue reading]