The Second Most Important Amenity in a Business Hotel


Beyond good Wi-Fi, preferably free, it's all about a good cup of joe. Dare I say, nothing kicks off a day on the road more significantly than the ritual of sipping an excellent cup of coffee. The perfect roast. Well brewed. Prepared just the way you … [Continue reading]

10 Hotel Room Fails


A hotel is a business traveler’s home, a refuge from a stressful day. So when there’s something annoying about this haven, it can be really annoying. Many brands and properties have fixed the two classic biz traveler pet peeves: inaccessible outlets … [Continue reading]

How – and Why – to Add a Ritual to Your Travel


Habits and rituals are trending. Or so it seems. There's a whole body of literature on the subject now, and it's a market that does not yet seem saturated. (A book I've particularly enjoyed on the subject is Daily Rituals, How Artists Work.) The … [Continue reading]

What Does Your Hotel Say About You?

Mira Moon's Secret Garden bar offers a respite from Hong Kong's frenetic energy (Courtesy of Mira Moon)

Where are you staying? It's a question that comes up in conversation during almost every trip, often posed by a client or colleague. Your answer conveys something about you, your work and your business. Imagine one of those Facebook quizzes that … [Continue reading]

5 Fears of Business Travelers


Business travelers, afraid? As a class, they're accomplished and on top of it. Most are highly skilled at every aspect of life, and at life-on-the-road in particular: from magician-like gaining of access to files in the office, to booking airline … [Continue reading]