Private Space: Travel’s New Guilty Pleasure?

The "coffin" seat on a Cathay Pacific 747

I slept with a man who wasn't my husband. Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I'll add that it was on an international flight and we never touched. Am I the only one who feels a little exposed when I've had a lovely, prolonged chat with my … [Continue reading]

Two Travel Lessons from an Armchair Pilgrim


Travel can be so romanticized on the big screen, especially when a story unfolds in the hands of a talented filmmaker. The truth is, though, travel comes with some pain. This week I watched a quiet movie called The Way, about a man walking the … [Continue reading]

When Travel Diversion Did Not Require Headphones


I inherited a travel-sized cribbage board from my parents, and it still evokes memories from the '60s of early evenings at motels during childhood vacations. My brothers and I would cannonball into the hotel pool, as my parents "supervised" (a term … [Continue reading]

Santa’s 747


2014 threw some major personal challenges my way, and by the time I got to the finish line this December, I was just plain beat. I gave myself a rest, and, right on cue, an experience came my way that was pretty magical and a reminder of the wonder … [Continue reading]

Mother Nature Needs Your Likes screenshot

Would rain force my son’s Halloween party to move indoors? This morning I cruised on over to to see. The tile in the weekend forecast said 70% chance of showers on Saturday. Fine. Now I know. But I looked down and was shocked to see LOVE … [Continue reading]