Travel Tip: Mileage Run, the Old-Fashioned Way

It can be hard squeeze in exercise when you travel for work. Your daily 6-a.m.-trip-to-the-gym habit at home may be disrupted when instead you’re headed to the airport at 6 a.m. Or you’ve had a very late night in your hotel room prepping for a presentation. The next best thing to a serious run or focused hour in the hotel fitness room is to fold some physical activity into your day. Where better than the airport?

That’s why I loved this tip from the always-inspiring Peter Shankman: Fire up your RunKeeper app (I use MapMyRun instead) when you get to the airport, walk, walk, walk, check your mileage, and then push yourself a little farther instead of lining up for a mocha when Starbucks opens.

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