Travel Tip: Take a Photo of Your Hotel Door

4455716138_5093fa541e_zToo many hotel stays in too many weeks? Even for the most “present” business traveler, it can all become a blur. You get in the hotel elevator and rack your brain to try to recall which floor you’re on…in this hotel.

Problem solved: on your phone. A hotel executive told me one of her best travel tips is to take a quick photo of the room door–and number–when checking in. Then, when you find yourself in the elevator drawing a big blank, just pull out your phone’s camera roll, murmur, “Oh, that’s right,” and punch the elevator button.

I tend to keep the paper key sleeve on which the front desk clerk has written the room number, for just this purpose. But my friend points out that, especially for women traveling alone, it’s a safer bet to throw away the sleeve and use the photo instead.

Photo: Flickr/Xavez

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