Your New Best Friend on the Road: Bizly

3454937700_c4b11b9453_zHave you ever been in another city and needed to meet up with a colleague…but where? Location is key–it has to be close to your next meeting. And you need something with a little more class and panache than Starbucks, a place where you can find a quiet corner and have a cup of coffee or cocktail while you discuss business. It’s tough.

Or, have you ever gotten frustrated as you tried to find the very best hotel near your meetings, a hotel with the specific amenities you most care about–let’s say free Wi-Fi and breakfast–and you spend an hour sifting through TripAdvisor reviews, finding the ranking of business hotels questionable?

That’s where Bizly comes in, the mobile app I’ve been working on with a talented team based in New York. It’s an app that will help you quickly find the perfect places to stay, meet and work when you’re on the road (or in your home city, for that matter). We’ll launch with New York in April, then take on the world.

Check it out here, and jot down your email address, so we can update you on the launch.

Photo: Flickr/smannion

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